CPA and Accounting Websites, Websites for Accountants

The year is 2014 — Do you have a business card? One would hope so. In fact, one would probably say it’s crazy not to have a business card. If you think not having a business card is crazy, imagine how much more insane it is in this day and age not to have a business website. Sadly, a large number of businesses, especially service oriented businesses, still don’t have this all-important, modern day version of a business card. For a certified public accountant, it is now all but mandatory to have a website. When a person types ‘CPA websites‘ into Google, over 6,000,000 accounting websites are returned. If a certain CPA’s website is not among them, they’re potentially missing out on new business opportunities and clients.

One thing the public will always need is good accountants. People that are serious about money and business will use a professional, and as a professional, it’s important to have a professional image. By having a website presence, an accountant or accounting firm is showing people that they are both professional and serious in the work they do. They also give others a quick introduction into who they are and what they specialize in. Additionally, the website can make something, which may otherwise seem impersonal, more personable. This online presence, once created, should be included on everything from traditional business cards and print flyers, to social media profiles and online ads. Some of the most popular social media sites which can draw attention and new clients are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The great thing about websites for accountants is that they will typically allow a person to book an appointment right from the website. This is an option which many people love, as it cuts down on what some feel are unnecessary and time consuming phone calls. It also tends to be a less intimidating way for some of the more socially reserved people of society to reach out and indicate an interest in the business. The website can additionally help people in researching fees that fit within their budget, thereby cutting down on the likelihood of someone backing out of an appointment or wasting time.

Many of the professional website solutions for accountants offer a free trial to show exactly what they’re capable of. It’s best to hire a professional so the site looks its best, as it will serve as the first impression of the business. One thing is for sure, without a website, an accountant is missing out on a lot of great opportunities. This is true both in the physical and digital worlds.…